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Guest Check-In: 4:00pm or later

Guest Check-Out: 11:00am or earlier

*Due to the time it takes to clean fully between guests, guaranteed early check-in or late check-out is not possible at this time. However, we LOVE our guests so when we can accommodate you, we absolutely will!


We want your stay with us to be hassle free, so we have implemented a quick, easy and convenient  Self Check-In procedure that will get you out of your car and into your guest room in seconds. 

Our guest rooms have individual deadbolt lock key pads on the doors as well as lock boxes installed next to the doors with keys to the knob locks. Your code will be emailed to you an hour before your check in time.


TO UNLOCK DEADBOLT Slowly enter the numeric code your were provided and press the LOCK/UNLOCK button over the numbers. You will hear a "whirring sound" as the lock disengages, then push the door open. *Sometimes these locks can be tricky due to weather making the wood swell, etc. If this happens to you we are very sorry but keep trying!  Some doors need to be pulled tightly and others need to be pushed slightly. We are constantly checking the batteries so we have full faith you'll get in!


TO LOCK DEADBOLT Pull door shut and press the LOCK/UNLOCK button over the numbers. Check that the door is in fact locked.*Sometimes these locks can be tricky due to weather making the wood swell, etc. If this happens to you we are very sorry but keep trying!  Some doors need to be pulled tightly and others need to be pushed slightly. We are constantly checking the batteries so we have full faith you'll get it locked!


TO UNLOCK KNOB The knob key for your room is in the lockbox to the left of the door. To retrieve it lower the black cover (exposing the key pad), enter your personal 3 digit code that we’ve provided, push down on the center button and retrieve your key.  To close the lock box simply re-enter your 3 digit code and repeat the procedure.


1. To prevent unwanted critters from our natural environment getting into our cabins we ask that no food items are left on dishes or in the cabin garbages. We have some big, black trash bins located outside near the hot tub for you to dispose of your trash.

2. Make sure the key to the doorknob is returned to the lockbox and that the deadbolt is secure.

3. Lastly, if you have a chance, send us a message letting us know when you leave so we can alert housekeeping.


Thank you for staying with us, we look forward to hosting you again!


For a full refund (minus processing fees) you must cancel within 24 hours of booking OR more than 30 days prior to the start of your reservation.

COLORADO STATE STATUTE 12-47-901 PARAGRAPH H & CEDAREDGE ORDINANCE 5.04.020 does not permit consumption of any "PERSONAL ALCOHOL" outside of your private rented room or in public. For further information contact: The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division @ (303) 205-2300. A fee of $350 will be charged for any violations of the liquor policy.


We are a non smoking property and so are all of our rooms. There will be an additional minimum $350.00 per room cleaning fee for smoking of any kind in the rooms.

Colorado Children's Code: Statute 19.1.103 does not permit leaving children unattended and / or unsupervised at any time. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent or guardian "at all times" when on lodge property. *Minor children cannot be left alone in rooms, allowed to roam lodge grounds or any of the lodge amenities unsupervised at any time.

King Room: Maximum occupancy 2 guests
Queen Room: Maximum occupancy 2 guests
Double Queen Room: Maximum occupancy 4 guests
*Fire codes and insurance liability does not allow for additional occupants to sleep in any guests rooms. The use of sleeping bags, air mattresses or any form of sleeping pallet on the floor is illegal & prohibited.

The convenience and privacy of our paying guests is our top priority. In order to accommodate our guests, all lodge grounds and outdoor creek side amenities are restricted to our registered guests. Therefore, any non-guests or visitors to The Cedaredge Lodge are not permitted in these areas unless prior arrangements have been made. There is NO swimming in the "creek" and use of the hot tub or any other onsite amenities is at the exclusive risk and responsibility of the guest.



Rooms 3 and 4 are dog friendly with a $25/per night/per dog fee. Dogs may NOT be left in the room unattended. While on property, dogs must remain on leash and guest must clean up after pet immediately and dispose of feces properly. Unfortunately, due to allergies dog may not go into any indoor spaces (ie. lounge, game room) other than the registered room nor may it enter the hot tub.


Service dogs are recognized as having specific task training to serve a medical need or deficiency in compliance with the ADA legal scope of need. The ADA requires service dogs to be under guest's complete control at all times and non disruptive to our environment in the service of their duties.


Lost or missing keys compromise the security of our guests. If a key is lost or not returned at check-out, a locksmith will be called to immediately re-key and master the locks in order to secure all of our rooms for our incoming guests. A fee of $125.00 will be charged per key.  We recommend returning your key to the lockbox adjacent to your door before you leave the property at any time.


Storing raw fish or seafood is not allowed in any refrigerators provided by The Cedaredge Lodge or in guest rooms. If the smell of fish or seafood permeated a refrigerator, a replacement fee of $250.00 will be charged. 


Cedaredge, CO - 3 minute drive

The Grand Mesa - 12 minute drive

Delta, CO - 15 minute drive

Hotchkiss, CO - 25 minute drive

Montrose, CO - 45 minute drive (Montrose/Telluride Airport)

Paonia, CO - 45 minute drive

Grand Junction, CO - 75 minute drive (Grand Junction Airport)

Palisade, CO - 90 minute drive

Gunnison, CO - 2 hour drive

Rifle, CO - 2 hour drive


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